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Important information regarding Official Degree/Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript.

  1. The printing of the Graduate’s name on the document is based on the existing record (as shown in the Vialing Sky system: https://vision.vialing.com/sp/login). A fee will be imposed for reprinting the documents in case of any corrections to the information.
  2. Degree/Diploma Certificates and Academic Transcript will be distributed to the Graduates after returning the Academic Robe in good condition.
  3. Graduates are advised to safely keep your certificates as a replacement will not be issued.
  4. Graduates who do not attend the convocation ceremony can collect the certificates/transcripts 2 weeks after the convocation date.
  5. Uncollected certificates/transcripts will be kept by the college. However, the college will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the certificate/transcript.
  6. Original certificate and transcript will not be provided before the convocation ceremony. A copy of the transcript and completion letter can be collected 2 months after the final exam result is released on the Vialing Sky system.
  7. Please ensure to settled all outstanding payments (paid the tuition fees, hostel fees or any fine or summon) before claiming your certificate/transcript (both original and copy).

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