Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (ADMU)

Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (ADMU)

(N/725/5/0024)(7/25)(MQA/FA 12567)


Ultrasound One of the ever-growing screening methods in the healthcare industry today is Medical Ultrasound (Ultrasonography). Commonly known as the screening used to monitor the uterus and fetus during pregnancy, Ultrasound scans can also be used to view internal body structures and organs. The use of this screening method among medical institutions has been rapidly increasing because it is more effective, flexible, radiation-free, time-saving and more cost-efficient, compared to the other screening methods like X-rays, CT and MRI. Because of these risk-free advantages, diagnostic teams are moving towards making ultrasound screening as a primary imaging modality when making a diagnosis for many diseases and conditions, especially those that are musculoskeletal. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment demand of medical sonographers is projected to increase by 39% between 2016 and 2022.

With the surge of the ultrasound screening usage over the years, the industry is struggling to fill-in the professional vacancies for the execution and interpretation of ultrasound screenings. Most radiographers, nurses and doctors have never been exposed to the curriculum and training of this screening method. Due to the lack of manpower, medical institutions are now investing efforts and resources into recruiting sonographers and also equipping staff with sonography skills.

Course Summary

After 16 years of producing sonographers globally, Vision College is now conducting its own MQA-approved Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasonogaphy . This programme is designed to enable students to complete the programme within a short duration of 1 year, and to produce the professionals in the healthcare industry that is lacking of sonographers.

Trained at Vision’s in-house diagnostic centre, Vision Diagnostic, which is also the biggest ultrasound centre in Malaysia, students will be taught on a daily basis to attend to patients and will graduate with a minimum practical experience of 500 ultrasound scans. With the support of Hire-Vision, Vision College also assist Medical Ultrasound students with the job application assistance and placements.

What do i learn from the ADMU Programme?


  1. Application of physical principles, knowledge, instrumentation and skills required to operate medical ultrasound equipment.
  2. Performing ultrasound examinations effectively to yield important diagnostic information.
  3. Recording, analyzing the data collected and reporting the ultrasound findings to the physician in an oral and written fashion for diagnosis.
  4. Assessments on whether to extend the scope of the ultrasound examination or not based on the ultrasound findings.
  5. Effective communication with physicians and other health care professionals to provide good quality care to patients.

Why study SONOGRAPHY at Vision College?

  • Vision College has been teaching Medical Ultrasond since 2005
  • Approved and recognized by MQA and healthcare industry
  • In-house Industrial Practice – Vision runs the largest ultrasound screening centre in Malaysia. Practising daily on real-life patients, students will each gain an experience of no less than 500 ultrasound scans in their CVs.
  • Internship ad Job Placement Assistance – Vision College assists students and graduates with internship/job placements into various medical institutions in Malaysia and Singapore.

Entry Requirement

Malaysian Students:

Completed a Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree progamme of one of the following disciplines:

  1. Cadiopulmonary Technology
  2. Diagnostic Radiography
  3. Medical Technology
  4. Nursing/Midwifery
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Science
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Biomedical Science/Technology
  9. Health Sciences
  10. Medicine
  11. or any other educational qualifications deemed equivalent

Student Achievement

Tengku Ahmad Fazdwan made Vision College proud when he was announced the winner of the GE Healthcare’s The Next Top Sonographer contest on 1 November 2019, in all 4 categories available to be contested:
Ultrasound Physics, Abdominal Ultrasound, Small parts & Musculoskeletal and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Tengku took the competition by storm as he edged out participants from all around the world, i.e. Sudan, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Myanmar, India etc.


DSC07616Interview 2DSC07642Interview 1


  1. Physics of Ultrasound
  2. Ultrasound Application of Abdomen
  3. Ultrasound Application of Pelvis, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  4. Professional, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sonographic Practice
  5. Malaysian Studies/Communication in Malay
  6. Creative Problem- Solving/ Bahasa Kebangsaan
  7. Constitution & Malaysian Society
  8. Human Pathology
  9. Ultrasound Application of Small Parts & Musculoskeletal
  10. Ultrasound Application of Peadiatrics
  11. Ultrasound Application of Circulatory & Cardiovascular System & Thorax
  12. Social Service

MQA Accreditation

Course Fees

Malaysian Fees:

RM 60, 000.00

International Fees:
RM 80, 000.00


January, June & September


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