Envision The Solution

Robin, the Acrobat was in the middle of a quest with Tony, the Hawk and Pervie, the Hamster. They have just retrieved a bag of magic beans that was stolen by Cyclops, the Giant. They were chased up the mountains by Cyclops and have arrived at a cliff, where their only way to get to safety is to walk across a wire connected to another cliff.

Robin happens to be the only one who has the ability to walk the wire. Tony cannot fly because he broke a wing during an encounter with Cyclops. Robin cannot risk throwing the magic beans across because of the strong wind. Additionally, Robin will have to carry Tony, Pervie, and the bag of magic beans across separately, as the wire will not be able to support the weight of any 3 of them at once.


No superhero story is ever complete without a moment of dilemma. Robin cannot leave the bag of magic beans alone with Pervie, who has attempted to eat the beans; and Robin cannot leave Pervie with Tony, because eagles eat hamster.

Carrying Tony across the line would take him 30 seconds. Carrying Pervie across would take 35 seconds. Carrying the bag of beans across would take 25 seconds. Robin getting across by himself would take 20 seconds.

Vision College to the Rescue

Vision College, who was monitoring the situation from a satellite camera, immediately contacted Robin to provide the solution.

Cyclops, the one-eyed Giant arrived 2 minutes and 30 seconds later, but everyone was already across with the bag. Thanks to Vision College, everyone is safe!

How did they all get across safely?

What happened? This is where the contest comes in. Can you guess the instructions that Robin had received from Vision College? Get it right and you willwin a prize from our pile mystery rewards, which may be worth up to RM12,000.

How to Participate?

Kindly fill in the participation form below and upload your explanation latest by 31 December 2019. This contest is open to those who are 18 YEARS OF AGE AND BELOW in year 2019.

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