Vision College Fees Policies & Regulations 

  1. Fees paid to Vision College (the College) are not refundable except for conditions set out below. A request in writing for such refund must be received by Vision College Admission Office within the stipulated time before the refund can be approved by the College authorities and payment made. Refund of fees or part thereof is subject to the following conditions:
    (a) The following fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstance – Registration Fee, Commencement Fee, Student Services Fee, Resource Fee, Library Fee, Tuition Fee Payment (Partial) and Seat Confirmation Fee.
    (b) Subject to sub-paragraph (a) above, if a student is required to leave the programme due to a call for National Service and provided that the student’s request for National Services deferment is denied, the student will be eligible for a refund of fees paid on a pro-rated basis.
    (c) Subject to sub-paragraph (a) above, if a student withdraws from the programme before the commencement of semester/term, an amount not exceeding 50% of the fees paid may be refundable.
    (d) For the avoidance of doubt, no fees shall be refunded after the second week of commencement of the semester/term. A student is required to pay the full fees for the semester if the request for withdrawal is made after the second week of the semester.
    (e) Subject to sub-paragraph (a) above, if a student withdraws from the programme within the first two weeks after commencement of the semester/term, an amount not exceeding 50% may be refundable, provided all fees due have been paid in full, and a written request for refund received by the 3rd working day before the second week of the commencement of the semester/term except for sub-paragraphs (a) and (e).
    (f) No refunds will be made if a student requests for a withdrawal from the programme AFTER the second week (14 calendar days) of the semester.  Subject to sub-paragraph (a) above, if a student is conditionally accepted into the programme based on forecast results but is required to discontinue the programme due to non-fulfillment of entry requirements upon official announcement of examination results, the student will be eligible for a pro-rated refund of all fees paid. The pro-rated refund will be computed base on the number of weeks elapsed from the date of commencement of the semester/term to the date of official notification to the Head of Programme and proportionate to the total number of weeks of the relevant semester/term.
  2. Refund, if any, will only be made in the name of the parent/guardian/sponsor as declared in the application form.
  3. All refunds whether of fees, deposits or any other payments, shall be free of interest and shall be subject to the right of set-off by Vision College against any fees or payments due and owing to the College. All refund will be process within 4 months.
  4. All fees shall be made payable in advance and must be fully paid before or at the latest by the start date of the semester/term. An administrative charge of RM200.00 will be imposed commencing from the third week of the semester/term if payment in full is not received by the due date. The College reserves the right to review the status of the student and to take any appropriate action as it deems fit, if payment is not received by the end of the fifth week of the semester/term. Such action may include barring of the student from classes and facilities and suspension or termination of the student. In such circumstance, the College further reserves the right and shall be entitled to withhold all examination results, certificates and records of the student.
  5. For inter-programme transfer cases (within Vision College), an administrative charge of RM200 will be imposed, except if the transfer was carried out before the commencement of semester/term for the first registered programme. The exact amount of fees transferable to the new programme is per the following conditions:
    (a) For transfers carried out within the first month of the commencement of the semester/term, all fees paid are transferable to the new programme. In the event of a surplus, such amount shall not be refundable but may be used to set-off fees for the subsequent term.
    (b) For transfers carried out after the first month of the commencement of semester/term but before the mid-semester/term, only 50% of tuition fee and other miscellaneous fees will be transferable to the new programme.
    (c) If any transfer is carried out after the mid-semester/term, only the Registration Fee and all deposits are transferable to the new programme.
  6. There shall be no refund of fees paid for the following reasons:-
    i ) Non-attainment of academic requirement;ii ) Expelled/expulsion; andiii) Suspended/suspension or discontinuation from the programme due to misconduct or any other disciplinary matters at the College.
  7. Student must adhere to all academic and administrative policies, rules and regulations mentioned in the student handbook. The College reserves the right to amend its policies, rules and regulations to take effect as it deems fit, and students are advised to refer to Vision College’sStudent Handbook or Student Notice Board or the Library regularly for such changes.
  8. All deposit payments made cannot be utilized or be treated under any circumstances as fees or any part thereof to set-off any amount due and payable. All refundable monies shall be given free of interest and must be claimed within one (1) year from the date the student ceases to be a student of the College.
  9. The Academic Director of Vision College in consultation with the Academics Disciplinary Board at his/her discretion can prohibit a student from attending classes in the event of student having contagious disease, and no claim can be brought against the College (whether a refund of fees or part thereof) arising from such action taken by the Academic Director.
  10. The student is responsible to fulfil the requirements of the immigration or other relevant authorities of the country in which the student decides to study and fulfil the requirements stipulated by the said  / university or programme.
  11. All awards of scholarships, bursaries, grants, waivers or financial assistance is subject to the absolute discretion of Vision College. Scholarship awardees need to pay back the Scholarship Award/Bursary amount consumed up to date in the event of withdrawal.
  12. Students who get pregnant during their term of studies will be given leave from their programme and the College immediately. They will be able to resume their studies after delivery, if desired. This is applicable for married students only.
  13. References to “student” or “students” wherever applicable or relevant shall include any parent or legal guardian as set out in the Student Application Form.

    Updated on 10th May 2022
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