Project Management

Project Management is a highly recognized yet uncommon skillset in many industries. When applied well, it helps improve project implementation and execution efficiency tremendously. Back by 3 project management experts, Vision has developed a series of project management courses customizable to your specific industry needs.

I. Project Management 101
II. Project Management Professional (PMP)
III. Project Risks Management
IV. Successful Project Management
V. Strategic Management in Construction Industry
VI. Building GRIT – Cultivating Passion and Perseverance
VII. Project Quality Management: QLASSIC (CIS7:2021) – Quality Management Tools for Construction Industry
VIII.Project Delivery Methods in Construction Industry – Knowing your choice before you make decision
IX. Project Cost Management – Master Budgetary Control and Finance Efficiency
X. Overview of Project Management in Construction Industry: Let the team understand each other better
XI. Construction Management System (CMS) – Standardize Your Team
XII. Project Time Management – Strategies for optimizing project schedules and timeliness
XIII.Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

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