Professional Career Options : Sonographer

Professional Career Options : Sonographer

Medical Ultrasound studies for the Sonographer Profession 

One of the most popular health screening methods today is Medical Ultrasound (Ultrasonography). Ultrasound scan is preferred over other screening methods such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans because it is seen as more effective, flexible, safer, time-saving and cost-efficient. In order words, through ultrasound, the doctors can get immediate and safer medical screening results, which also helps the hospital to costs.

超声医学(Ultrasonography)是时下最流行的医学影像诊断技术.比起X光,磁共振成像或CT 扫描,超声医学扫描显得更有效,灵活,安全, 节省时间和有成本效益的。换言之,超声医学可以让医生更快速及安全的去为患者诊疗出问题所在和节省医院的资源


What is Sonography (Ultrasound scan)?  什么是超声医学扫描(Ultrasound Scan)

You might have heard of the Morphology scan, which is an ultrasound scan used to evaluate fetal development. However, ultrasound scan is not just limited to scan on pregnant women. The ultrasound scan is used to view internal body structures and internal organs.Ultrasound scans are also used to detect problems in the thyroid, liver, heart, kidney and abdomen etc. They may also assist in performing certain types of biopsy.



What is a Sonographer? 超声医是做什么的?

A sonographer is a professional who performs the ultrasound scan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment demand of diagnostic medical sonographers is projected to increase by 39% between 2016 and 2022. Reference link.

超声医师主要是借助于超声仪来为临床医生提供医学诊断基础,根据劳工统计局(BLS)的数据, 超声医师在2016年与2022年之间的就业需求率预计会增长39%。


How do I become a Sonographer? 如何成为超声医师?

To become a sonographer, you first need to have to complete the Postgraduate in Medical Ultrasonography (ASIA) at Vision College, which is awarded by Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM). This programme is the only MQA-accredited ultrasound programme in Malaysia.

首先需要完成Vision College所提供的超声医学研究生课程(PostGraduate Diploma of Medical Sonography) ,此课程获得Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) 所认可并且是全马唯一获得MQA认证的超声医学课程。


Why Study Ultrasound Medicine at Vision College? 为什么要在Vision College就读医学超声医学研究生课程?

Since 2005, Vision College Malaysia and ASUM started collaborating to offer the academic programme to train qualified sonographers.To date, the Postgraduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasonography (ASIA), awarded by ASUM,conducted at Vision College, is the only MQA-accredited ultrasound programme in Malaysia. Vision College is also the only academic institution in Malaysia to be recognized by ASUM.

自Vision College在2005年创建以来,就与ASUM合作推出一些学术性的课程来帮助训练合格的超声医师。至今,超声医学研究生课程取得ASUM的认可以及也是马来西亚唯一被MQA认证的课程。

In this programme, students are trained at the college’s in-house diagnostic clinic, Vision Diagnostic, and will graduate with a minimum experience of 500 ultrasound scans. Students are also required to undergo the lecturer, which are conducted by ASUM lecturers.

在这个课程当中,学生会给与在学院的内部诊断中心(Vision Diagnostic)训练的机会以及毕业于至少500次超声医学扫描的经验。此外,学生也必须出席由ASUM讲师所进行的讲座。

Vision College also assists with the job application and placement. While learning and training under this programme, hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore will be requesting to interview you, in order to sign you up as sonographers upon graduation. Find out more about Vision College’s Postgraduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasonography (ASIA) and also the job-contract scholarships available!

Vision College 也会提供毕业生的就业申请一些帮助,而且马来西亚和新加坡的医院也会要求与就读生安排面试以便毕业后能在他们的医院工作。欲了解更多关于超声医学研究生课程和工作合同奖学金,可联系负责人。


I am an SPM student. What is the fastest way for me to achieve this qualification? 身为一名SPM毕业生,有什么方法可以更快的得到该医学资格?

SPM students will first have to undergo the Diploma in Medical Imaging at Vision College before undergoing the Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (ASIA) programme. To date, this is the only diploma programme accepted ASUM for admission into the PgDMU(Asia) programme. In order to be eligible for this programme, you are required to pass your SPM with 5 credits, including Mathematics and a science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or General Science). Students who do not meet these criteria may undergo the Certificate in Science.

SPM毕业生可以在Vision College先报读医学影像文凭(Diploma in Medical Imaging),过后再报读超声医学研究生课程(Postgraduate Diploma of  Medical Sonography)。至今,只有医学影像文凭受ASUM的承认成为超声医学研究生课程的入场卷。报读医学影像文凭需要SPM成绩5个credits,包括数学和科学科目(生物学,化学,物理或者是普通科学)。成绩不达标需要通过报读科学证书课程 (Certificate in Science)。


Did you know? 你知道吗?

Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (ASIA) may register and practice as a registered Sonographer in UK. 超声医学研究生课程(Postgraduate Diploma of Medical Sonography)毕业生可申请或注册在英国当一名医学超声医师。


For more information, contact Vision College’s course counsellor via Whatsapp at +60127439800 (Ms. Liew). 如有问题,请联络(Whatsapp) Ms. Liew 电话号码是012-7439800。

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