Join us in promoting mental wellness!

Join us in promoting mental wellness!

Students from the Health Science Programme Diploma in Medical Imaging and Diploma In Nursing are hosting the “COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY COURSE PROJECT: MindfulMinds: Illuminating Mental Wellness
Venue  : Vision College lobby
Date     : February 5th to March 14th.
Time    :9:00 am – 5:00 pm

MindfulMinds: Illuminating Mental Wellness
MindfulMinds is a comprehensive mental health awareness project aimed at promoting mental well-being, reducing stigma, and providing valuable resources for individuals navigating mental health challenges. The project encompasses various components to create a holistic approach to mental health awareness and support.

One of the key components is Educational Campaigns :
Develop and implement informative campaigns to raise awareness about different aspects of mental health, including common disorders, signs and symptoms, and available treatment options. Utilize social media platforms and community events to disseminate accurate information and dispel myths surrounding mental health.

Each week, different student groups will conduct diverse psychology tests, offering signs and symptoms of certain mental health issues, and providing self care tips .

This valuable initiative is open to all, free of charge for both Vision College students and outsiders. We invite all Vision College students to participate and kindly share this poster with your friends.

Let’s prioritize mental health together because it matters to everyone. Your support can make a significant impact! 🌈🧠

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