We are pleased to announce a captivating opportunity for all Vision College students – the Photography Contest.

This esteemed competition is themed “Healing With Reading” and revolves around encapsulating the essence of the library environment through the lens of a camera.

We extend a warm invitation to all enthusiastic students to partake in this contest, where your artistic vision and photographic skills can shine within the inspiring backdrop of our library premises. To participate, please ensure your submissions reach us by scanning the designated QR Code for photo upload no later than August 4th, 2023 (Friday).

Mark your calendars, as the grand revelation of the victor is slated for August 11th, 2023 (Friday). This eagerly anticipated event promises to be a celebration of talent and creativity.

Join us in this photographic journey, and let your imagery unfold in the pages of our library’s story. Your participation will undoubtedly contribute to the enrichment of our cultural tapestry. We look forward to witnessing your remarkable contributions.

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