The Professional Advantage in Vision Diploma in Accounting (DIA)

The Professional Advantage in Vision Diploma in Accounting (DIA)

Accounting, a “Recession-Proof Profession”  会计学,“经济衰退证明的专业”

Often referred to as the “Language of Business”, Accounting is used to communicate an organization’s financial and economic information to shareholders and creditors. Accounting is one of the most indispensable skill sets and considered as a recession-proof profession, as industries and businesses require high level accounting skills to provide accurate financial information for decision-making. According to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), the country intends to increase the number of accounting professionals by over 80% in the coming years, as part of the profession’s contribution to the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

又被称为“生意的语言”,会计学主要是以分析公司的财务活动和成本资料的收集、分类、综合和解释的基础上形成协助决策的信息系统,让股东和债权人知道当下公司的状况。会计学是一项不可缺少的技能,因为在这个行业或商业里,高水平的会计学能获得准确的数据以便做出正确的决定。根据Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) 的消息, 我国预测未来几年会计专业数量会增加百分之80%作为贡献给Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)。


Vision College’s Diploma in Accounting  Vision College 会计学文凭 (Diploma in Accounting) 

Vision College’s Diploma in Accounting is a unique partnership with UK’s Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), the world’s leading professional bodyfor accounting technicians,which consist of 140,000 members.Upon successful completion, students of the programme will be able to graduate with Vision College’s MQA-accredited Diploma in Accounting, along with an additional Professional Diploma awarded by AAT. This will give the graduates various options, whether to progress in their careers or studies.

Vision College 的会计文凭是与英国Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)合作,AAT拥有超过140,000专业会员,是英国顶尖的专业组织。所以透过这个课程,毕业生会得到Vision College MOA认可的会计学文凭和另外一个AAT 所颁发的专业文凭。这会带给学生许多工作和学业上的机会。

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) edge    

With the Professional Diploma from AAT, graduates will be able to begin their professional careers as Accounting Technicians,as the qualification is an internatonally recognized professional qualification. Companies and accounting firms are familiar with the reputable qualification, which was established since 1980.


The AAT programme curriculum is work-oriented ” and practical, which the industry needs. Among the skills students will acquire are:


  • Drafting and interpreting limited company financial statements. 建立和分析公司的财务报表
  • Preparing forecasts of income and expenditure. 预测收入和支出
  • Preparing draft budgets and revising them as required by the business. 准备预算草案并根据业务要求对其进行修改
  • Managing budgets and reporting variances back to the business. 管理预算并将差异报告
  • Reviewing the finance function to identify risk and make recommendations for improvements.  审查财务机能以识别风险并提出建议改进

Options to further study  进一步学习的选项 

Students will gain generous exemptions from Professional Accounting Bodies such as ACCA, ICAEW and CIMAbesides being recognized as entry to universities. Vision College’s partnership with International universities allows graduates of this Diploma programme to progress directly into Year 3 of University of Hull’s Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

学生会得到专业会计组织例如ACCA, ICAEW 和CIMA的豁免。Vision College与其他国际大学搭档主要为了是让学生可以直接从Vision College的会计学文凭进到University Hull Year 3的会计学学位。

Career Prospects 职业前景

Group of Asian Business People with casual suit are working with a financial for marketing in the modern Office or coffee shop, Business marketing concept.


Career options are available in a wide range of fields including Finance, Risk Management, Audit and Taxation:


  • Financial Accountant  财务会计
  • Financial Consultant 财务顾问
  • Forensic Accounting 法务会计
  • Management Accountant 管理会计师
  • Credit Controller 信贷控制
  • Tax Consultant 税务顾问
  • Internal Auditor 内部审计


How do I qualify for the programme?  报读会计学文凭需要什么条件?

Applicants would need to pass SPM or O-Levels with at least 3 credits, including Mathematics. It is mandatory to obtain a pass in English Language subject too.



Programme Head 教师主任

For more information, contact Vision College’s course counsellor via Whatsapp at +60127439800 (Ms. Liew).

如有问题,请联络(Whatsapp) Ms. Liew 电话号码是012-7439800。

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